Aug 102012

 Jacuzzi® hot tub,

this is a used/ not new Jacuzzi® spa it was traded in by a customer upgrading to a Bullfrog Spa.

While this isn’t quite as nice as a new Bullfrog® Hot Tub it is a Jacuzzi® brand Hot Tub… & up until recently these spas where still made in California… (I understand they are no longer made in the United States)…relevant if you are working to spend your dollars on products made in America.

This spa has been tested in our hot tub service bay and parts have been replaced as necessary.  The Jets all work great… and for the most part the spa looks newish, sandstone acrylic interior & synthetic grey exterior.  The jets are the the upgraded stainless steel jets that look great when they are shiny…in this spa the jets show an accumulation of hard water build up, from the water chemistry being off… we thought about replacing the jets for appearance sake…but we opted to keep these jets- after all they work fine.

This spa has a grey cover that still has a couple years left in it.

This spa is being offered…for $4,200 with a 90 day warranty.

It was probably originally around $8,000

This spa is at our North Ogden Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub Factory Outlet  & can be seen by scheduling an appointment Mon-Sat 10-6

Please call ahead 801-737-4515



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