Jul 062015

We just received this notice from Lucite the manufacturer of hot tub acrylic material.

Lucite Spa

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Rising Issue: Pool Chemicals
Should Not Be Used in a Spa

Our partner Multi-Tech Products recently brought to our attention some localized fading and blistering on hot tub surfaces. We believe this issue is the result of people using the same process to sanitize their hot tubs as they are their pools. Acrylic is durable, but if not maintained according to manufacturer guidelines, the homeowner may see changes in the color of the spa as well as surface deterioration. We validated this theory with a controlled test in our own labs and confirmed certain chemicals, such as TriChlor, should never be used to sanitize a spa. We’ll publish an article about our test in the coming weeks. Please let us know any questions or concerns you may have in the meantime.


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