Nov 292015
Used Bullfrog 552.JPG

Bullfrog Spa- Model # 552 Mirage/Beachwood

We have several refurbished Bullfrog Hot Tubs:

Our customers lover their Bullfrog Spas… & every year we take in a handful of older Bullfrog Spas when their owners upgrade to newer models.

The team at the factory has thoroughly gone through these hot tubs. The refurbishing process includes a minimum of 72 hours in our test bay making sure the pumps, heater electronics etc. all work properly & they are replaced as required, Jets, pillows plastic trim etc are replaced if they look worn.. The spa is detailed- if the cover is deemed in good condition it is cleaned and the cover & cabinet are treated with 303 protectant. In some cases the acrylic on the spa is damaged along the way & the techs repair that acrylic damage & evidence of that repair is sometimes evident.

Refurbished Bullfrog Spas include a one year warranty on all components.

Images below are of a Bullfrog Model #662… with Bose Stereo System.  The spa is in excellent condition, includes new cover, new jets, plastic parts, topside control etc.  This spa was just completed and will be available for inspection in North Ogden Monday.

662 2 control cover lifter jet pak 1 right jetpak 2 leftFront (2)662stereo Stereo2 stereop













These spas sell every day, sometimes several sell on a weekend, so it we aren’t always able to keep a complete list of refurbished spas available on the web site.. but here is an example of spas that were available as of the date of this post.

*click on the spa model to see specifics about this model.

Model 231- 

Model 331-

Model 451-

Model 562-

Model 552-

Model 662-

Model 682-

We occasionally take in non bullfrog brand spas… with these spas we do a thorough test & cleaning & replace components as required, but not a full refurbish.   Non Bullfrog brand spas are offered with a 30 day warranty & include delivery.  Pricing for these spas starts at $1,999 and goes up to $4,999.

*call Shawn at the North Ogden store for a list of current spas available 801-782-7900.

Below are pictures of a spa that was recently refurbished… this exact model may not still be available, it is a good example of what a refurbished Bullfrog Spa would look like.

The typical price of a refurbished Bullfrog Spa is about 40% less than the new price of a similar model… ie: if a new spa is $13,000 a refurbished spa might sell for $8,000… spas that originally sold for $8,000 might sell for $5,000



Used Bullfrog 552

refurbished bullfrog 552


New Equipment Door

Bullfrog Spa model # 552- new equipment door

New 8 button control panel

New 8 button premium control panel

Filter Door

filter cover

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (6)

gyrosage & cascadia jetpaks

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (5)

neck masseuse jetpak

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (3)

Neckblaster & Rainshower Jetpaks

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (2)

Deluxe Lounge with calf & foot jets

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (1)

Deluxe Recliner

Bullfrog 552 Grey Cover (1)

Cover direct from Bullfrog- JetPak Logo in cover


Used Bullfrog 552

Bullfrog 552 overhead view


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