A6 -R6 Open Plan Spa

Bullfrog Spa Model A6

Bullfrog Spa Model A6

Bullfrog Spas is pleased to announce that we will begin accepting orders for the new A6 and R6 spa models. Manufacturing of the A6 and R6 spas will begin April 15, 2015.Be sure to order your A6 and R6 spas now to secure your opportunity to be one of the first to receive and offer this exciting new model.

The A6 is a much anticipated spa model with and open seating plan and 4 amazing corner seats that each offer a unique JetPak massage experience.  The R6 offers 3 JetPaks and the standard R Series feature set. The dimensions of both the A6 and R6 are 6’8″ (2.03m) x 7’4″ (2.24m) x 34″ (.86m).

Each model is equipped with a single 4.8 BHP industrial-grade jet pump, along with features and options similar to their A6L and R6L lounge-seating counterparts.


The R Series spa Will be featured similar to the R6L– the non JetPak Seat in the R6 spa will be seat to the left of the control panel.

This spa is now available for order & is currently in Production… Showroom models will be arriving in the next week or so & we are accepting Pre-orders… *if you are on the list for one of these spa… we will be reaching out to you soon to schedule delivery.