Moab Edition Hot Tub


moab edition hot tub from bullfrog spas

Moab Hot Tub

Bullfrog Spas is pleased to offer our special Moab Edition Hot Tub.

This spa is color matched for Moab- Hazelnut color- Eternawood Cabinet–  Sandstone  interior (extra durable for rental properties)…  Absolutely no wood is used in the construction of the spa… The structure of the hot tub is made using Bullfrogs exclusive uni-system design.  Built to handle the extreme temperatures in Moab- from extreme heat to extreme cold.  This special edition Hot tub also features the hot tub cover lift system show in the picture above, and our multi colored led light system.This special edition hot tub is pre-wired for installation at your condo…equipped with a 110v gfi protected cord.  Click the picture of the Hot Tub for more detailed information on this hot tub