Off Site Events


We know we have the best product out there, for us that’s the easy part…the challenge for us is getting the word out.  We work really hard, bringing our mobile showroom to a convenient parking lot, grocery store, founders day, parade, charity event near you.  Watch for us all summer long.  Visit our traveling hot tub showroom.

Bullfrog Spas & Hot tubs has been featured in the leading trade magazines for our proactive approach to hot tub marketing.

Below is the article featuring Bullfrog Spas of Ogden Utah…. that appeared in a recent issue of AQUA MAGAZINE.

bullfrog spas at state fair

Bullfrog Spas  | Ogden, Utah
Goin’ mobile

Like its amphibian namesake, Bullfrog Spas of Ogden has found that the key to survival lies in mobility. Not the lily- pad-to-lily-pad kind, but the ability to move spas and even the showroom itself, quickly and easily to remote locations. This acquired skill has enabled the dealership to thrive in tough times.

The company is able to set up an inviting retail venue — a “mobile showroom,” in the words of Shawn Maynard, owner — at all sorts of festivals and events, where spas are either sold directly or advertised indirectly to the community at large.

“We own several  tents and we use them to set up a mobile showroom, complete with carpet and 10 spas and inflatable balloons and things like that. It’s typically a two- or three-week event somewhere away from the store. And at that type of an event, we’ll sell a bunch of spas. When we are at the tent event we offer extra incentives and promotions.

“The event offers the opportunity for our customers to see for themselves what makes our hot tubs unique and the incentives offered at the event make it easy to buy during the tent sale. It’s an effective way to show our product…The only downside is it’s a fair-weather thing.”

Bringing spas from the dealership to a place where potential customers are gathered is a central part of the company’s strategy. Even when the spas don’t sell, they provide great advertising. It may be a simple matter of a spa set up at a grocery store across town with a sign that says, “Enter to win a Bullfrog spa.”

“That business [where we set up the spa] gets to give a spa away, and the benefit for me is that it’s a big advertisement that lives there for a month,” Maynard says. “So I will often have several of those around town.”

The dealership has also invested in a spa toter, which enables one person to put five spas on display at a remote location with minimum effort. Maynard usually dispatches the toter to one-day events.

It may not even produce a sale, Maynard says, “but mostly it’s a big giant billboard at this event and in front of all these people, and the person manning it gets to give an in-person commercial. We would of course like be happy to sell at these events, but that’s not really our primary purpose. It’s like a billboard except way more effective, because it’s a lot more personal.”

It takes a lot of extra work to keep spas out in front of consumers, but there’s really no choice, Maynard says. “When it gets tight like this, this is the kind of thing you have to do.”