Hot Tub GFI Breaker

hot tub with Typical Gfi Breaker box installed 5' away from the spa.

hot tub with Typical Gfi Breaker box installed five feet away from the spa.

How to Wire your new Hot Tub

Wiring for all hot tubs require a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) Breaker.  Per building code that breaker should be located in the general vicinity of your hot tub but must be a minimum of 5′ away from the spa *to prevent a person from touching the breaker & the spa at the same time.   While some smaller spas will work with a 20amp 110v service, most spas require a 30 amp or 50 amp 220v service.  Even if a spa can run on 110v, it will always run more efficiently on 220v & will heat much faster.

Hot tubs will work at their highest level of performance when connected to 50 amp service, however if your existing wiring is already set up for 30amp service, most spas may be adjusted to work with a 30 amp power supply.  When a spa is converted to 30 amp power service, the spa will work as designed except when the pump is turned to high the heater will turn off.  In general the user will not notice this change unless they sit in the spa in cold weather with the jets on high for a sustained period of time.

Bullfrog spas come configured for 50amp service… all Bullfrog spas may be adjusted to work with 30amp service.

Bullfrog spa models A5L/R5L may be ordered to work with 110v 20amp service- this configuration includes a 110v power cord.

Swim spas will typically require 60 amp service… dual zone swim spas ie: swim spas with a pool area & a separate hot tub area, will require two separate connections 1-60 amp for the pool area & 1 50 amp for the spa area.

Catalina swim spas are available with configurations ranging from 30amp to 60amp. Power requirements are determined by the number of pumps etc… so power considerations must be considered at time of order.

220v-gfi-wiring-diagram110 liquid tightvolt spas will generally come with a power cord that has a built in gfi protector, all 220v spas & swim spas wire in directly using flexible conduit similar to the picture on the left- often referred to as liquid-tite  3/4″ or 1″  At the time of delivery the wiring should already be in place, including a “whip” flexible conduit similar to that shown on the left should be run with sufficient length to travel through the chaseway (illustrated below)  & reach the control panel.  When connecting the wiring to the gfi breaker… *note that the white wire from the spa connects directly to the gfi breaker *not the ground/neutral bar as would be typical with a normal breaker.

In Northern Utah we refer several electricians that have wired spas for us in the past… they are all licensed and insured and take good care of our customers.

Electrician Referrals:

Master Electric- 801-782-8042 – Weber, Davis, Morgan, Box Elder Counties

DEW Electric- 801-529-0600 – Weber, Davis, Morgan, Box Elder Counties

NTS Electrical – 435-994-1690 –  Cache Valley

Tyler Warner Electrical – 435 938 8740 – Bear Lake & Idaho

*The above electricians are not associated with Bullfrog Spas of Northern Utah… they are independent contractors that offer good customer service & understand the requirements of wiring for spa installations.
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2013-newer electrical chase way

2013-newer electrical chase way