Hot Tub Service


Hot Tub Pump CompartmentBullfrog Spas of Northern Utah is pleased to provide hot tub service for spas that we sell as well as other brands of spas.

For our Bullfrog Spa owners– we typically have most parts in stock and we are usually able to get your spa up and going at the initial appointment.

For non-bullfrog spa owners– we do stock an inventory of “generic” parts that are helpful in repairing some of the common issues we find, but often we will have to order a part and make a return trip to complete the repair. *in this instance we do not charge an additional $89 trip fee- the return trip is included with the cost of replacing the failed component.

Our service policy is as follows.  Basic Service calls within our normal service area are $89 and require a credit card to be held for payment of the initial diagnosis.  The $89 fee includes the properly licensed and insured, trained service technician, his service van stocked with repair parts & the backup of the office staff.  The service technician will arrive at the approximate time promised and evaluate the issues.  If the service call is for a spa purchased from Bullfrog and it is determined to be under warranty, the repair will be complete and there will be no charge to the customer.

Hot Tub Control Panel

Upon arrival to the home the technician will put the spa through its various cycles until he finds a problem or finds the spa in good working order.   If the technician finds a minor issue that can easily be repaired without additional parts within a short period of time he will make that repair and will include the repair in the $89 fee.  This would include things like, the breaker was tripped, water level low, filters dirty, adjust programming etc… *these are all easy fixes and could have been accomplished by the customer; but remember the $89 fee isn’t for the actual repair.  The fee covers the cost of the technician along with the vehicle, tools, parts, training, insurance, office support, overhead etc… to drive to the house.

If he is unable to replicate the issue & the spa seems to be in good working order, he will report to the homeowner that he is unable to replicate the problem.  In this situation the customer will be charged the $89 trip fee… however for a period of 30 days if the spa acts up again and the homeowner thinks the technician will be able to replicate the problem the technician will be scheduled for a return visit for no charge.

Hot Tub Light

If the technician is able to replicate the problem, he will discuss with the customer the cost of the repair & proceed as authorized.  *note sometimes this is the first step in the process- for example we have no way of knowing the condition of the pumps, heater, plumbing, etc… if the spas motherboard is down & the spa is non responsive.   The motherboard will have to be replaced before we can continue with testing the rest of the spa components.  It is not uncommon that one repair only moves the process along to the next component that requires repair, and that process can repeat several times.   It is our policy to competently diagnose problems with the spa and we will not replace parts unless our diagnosis reveals that they are problematic.  In the case of intermittent problems, those that cannot be replicated but recur on occasion we can offer an educated guess based on the observations of the customer, but replacing parts based on guesses are not guaranteed to solve the problem and can lead to replacing components that may not be bad.

All repairs are warrantied for 90 days,  the 90 days warranty applies only to the part we actually repaired, if we replace a pump and next month the heater fails, the return call is not covered and is subject to the $89 trip fee plus the cost of the actual repair.

clock-iconWhat time will the technician arrive? The technician starts his day by arriving at the first appointment around 9am. Most service calls take about an hour + travel time, but if he is able to complete the repair with parts on hand he will usually stay and complete the job…. so if you are the 2nd appointment he could be there as early as 10:30 or as late as 1:30  and the day proceeds like this, so there is really no way to know the exact time of day he will arrive- except to say that it will be early middle or late part of the day.   During the day you can call in & check with the scheduling secretary & see how his day is going to get a better approximation of the the time he might arrive.  It is generally not required that you be home for the appointment- but you should be available by phone so that the technician can call & discuss his findings and get approval for a solution from you.   If the issue is power related it is helpful for someone to be home to help with access to the breaker panel if required.


***some things to check for before you call for service.

  1. Water Level– is the hot tub filled to the fill line (typically an inch or so above the filters &/or highest jet
  2. Are the filters clean– (try running the spa for a few minutes with no filters) if this solves the problem, you may need new filters (sometimes clean looking filters are still plugged- filters have a life span of 1-2 years) *make sure there are no bath toys or washcloths in the spa when running with no filters!
  3. If the spa control is blank & spa is non responsive… try flipping the breaker on/off/on/off..  your breaker should be equipped with a test button… when the breaker is in the
    on position & you push the test button it should trip the breaker.
  4. If the spa was recently drained and now the jets will not come on- ie: the control panel works and when you push the jets button it makes a noise but the water doesn’t come out of the jets like it is suppose to, then you probably have an air bubble in the pump.  In Bullfrog spas made since 2007 there is a mechanism in place to percolate the trapped air bubble out of the pump and it will likely resolve itself over 24 hours… otherwise the pump will have to be purged. Here is a link to a youtube video explaining how to purge your hot tub (I did not produce this video)
  5. Hot Tub GFI BreakerIf the spa seems to be running all the time– check your filter cycles – it may have been accidentally programmed to filter for long periods of time, making it seem as though it is running all the time… click here to  download owners manual for all years of Bullfrog Spas
  6. If Temperature is about 20* lower than the setpoint… your spa is likely in vacation or “sleep” mode… refer to your manual to adjust.
  7. If the spa is leaking– it is helpful to remove the motor compartment access door & look for the leak.  Most common leak points are at the gaskets near the heater or pumps or from pump seals… if you can identify where the leak is coming from & you are handy we may be able to sell you a fairly inexpensive part & talk you through the repair, if the repair is out of your comfort zone…at least the technician will have a better idea of what he might find when he arrives.heat lamp
  8. If the temperature is near freezing, and you spa is not working… you should take precautions to keep the spa from freezing and further damaging the spa components.  We aren’t really worried about the water in the spa- we are especially concerned about water in the plumbing and in the pumps etc.  At a minimum: place a 100 watt light bulb in the motor compartment until it can be resolved.  In extreme cold weather conditions it may be appropriate to “build a tent” over the spa and place a heater in the tent to keep the spa from freezing.
  9. If you are unable to be there when the technician arrives– please make sure the gate is open, dogs are secure & be available by phone to discuss his findings & approve repair work.