Silk Balance Instruction Sheet


1- Fill spa with new water – install clean filters – test ph & alkalinity with test strips and adjust to neutral as required

2- Starting on day 1 add silk balance into spa on a weekly basis – 2oz for a 2-person spa or 3 oz for 3-8 person spa  if usage is more than 3 times per week increase dose by 1 oz. 

3-After each use add 1 oz of multi shock for 1 person or 2 oz for more than one person (no more than one dose per day)

4- Clean filter often – (rinse every week or so & use filter cleaner once per month)

*note silk balance is designed to prevent & remove bio-film & scale buildup.  If you are starting with an older spa- plan on cleaning the filters often as the buildup is removed from the plumbing

**If the spa water is cloudy, or otherwise not right 1st- clean filters & see if it resolves in a day or so…  if not resolved check test strips & adjust ph as required or bring in a water sample & we will help get you back on track.