What is a JetPak?


what is a jetpak

What is a JetPak?

JetPaks are interchangeable jetted seat backs that are designed to fit into any seat in your Bullfrog Spa. JetPaks may be moved to any seat in the hot tub in under one minute to suit your personal massage needs. This revolutionary modular technology is hailed by experts as the most significant advancement in home spas since the invention of the portable hot tub.

What Does This Mean to Me?

  • This means JetPaks are Customizable – You design the spa that perfectly suits your needs, with the jetting choices and the arrangement that works best for you.
  • JetPaks are Interchangeable – You can move JetPaks around between spa seats. You can decide where your favorite JetPaks go. You can’t do that in any other spa!
  • JetPaks are Upgradeable – Your spa will never become outdated. As new JetPaks become available, you can easily upgrade without buying an entirely new spa.

Industry accolades for JetPaks:

Pool & Spa Living an online magazine reviewing pools & spas explains that

JetPaks effortlessly transform actual seat jet configurations.

With a design as high-tech as its name, the JetPak™ from Bullfrog® Spas takes hot tub customization to a new level. They may sound like something you could strap to your back and fly around with, but they are actually fully plumbed and jetted seat backs that can be easily inserted and removed from your spa. While interchangeable jets customize individual jet action, JetPaks effortlessly transform actual seat jet configurations. Bullfrog Spas currently offers 16 different JetPaks so that a typical six-person spa could be configured into over 100 distinct jetted seating arrangements.”Your spa will never become outdated,” says Jaden Kemp of Bullfrog Spas. “As new technology allows us to introduce more and more JetPak varieties, you can easily add them to your current spa since they are all compatible and interchangeable.” In fact, the company is bringing the interchangeability of JetPaks to inground spas and pools.