Leak Proof Hot Tub


The Only Hot Tub with a Leak-Proof Design

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Leak-Proof Hot Tub

The “LeakGuard” design of Bullfrog Spas with JetPak plumbing ensures that you remain relaxed, not aggravated or worrying about leaks in your hot tub. Bullfrog Spas have up to 90% less plumbing and fewer holes underneath the spa than traditional spas. If a JetPak does happen to develop a leak, the water will stay in the spa rather than escaping. JetPaks are so efficient that they have the portable hot tub industry’s only true Lifetime Warranty on plumbing. Jets are fitted into removable JetPaks instead of being drilled into the spa shell. The hot tub remains free of holes and, consequently, watertight!

EnergySave™ means Energy Efficient

Most Energy Efficient means Lowest Cost to Own

Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient spas in the world. The “EnergySave” design insulates the spa completely to prevent heat escape. With JetPak® technology, heat is recycled in the spa because the plumbing stays immersed in the hot water. Every single Bullfrog Spa model meets or exceeds the stringent energy guidelines of California Energy Commission (CEC). With the superior energy efficiency, you will enjoy keeping extra money each month almost as much as you will enjoy relaxing in your spa.

Bullfrog Spas are different. Up to 90% of the plumbing is on the JetPak, submerged in the hot water so any heat from water in the plumbing transfers to the spa water rather than being lost to the cold outside environment. Bullfrog Spas also recycle energy by using warm air from the equipment compartment to help to heat the water in the spa, rather than using cold outside air, as is the case with many other spas. These unique energy-saving features will keep monthly power bills surprisingly low and will keep you relaxed and worry free!

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Heat from the jetpak plumbing transfers directly into the hot spa water, recycling energy.  Bullfrog spas are fully foam insulated.

In the conventional spa heat from the plumbing escapes under the spa and is wasted.